Orenburg Lace Knitting with Galina Khmeleva

The Fundamentals of Orenburg Lace Knitting with Galina Khmeleva

Galina A. Khmeleva is one of the most respected and knowledgeable lace knitting instructors in the country. A former clothing and costume designer who worked with the aristocracy of St. Petersburg’s music and theater society, Galina was a pioneer in breaking down barriers for women in the ‘new’ Russia. As the principal student of Orenburg’s lace knitting elite, Galina brings the classic style and revered traditional knitting techniques of Russian lace to her classes. Her unique, inspiring and fun-loving teaching style has made her the guru of lace enthusiasts across the US.

This class was designed to provide knitters with an extensive overview of Russian Lace knitting. Students were introduced to the unique elements of lace knitting design, from pattern to border to cornering techniques. We learned the ten basic elements that provide the foundation of Russian lace knitting – mouseprint, cat’s paw, honeycomb etc., as well as unique cast-ons and bind-offs, and superior shaping using a modified short-rows method.

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